Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love Imari Kiyoa ^-^

Imari Kiyoa sings "Self-introduction's song" ^-^

There was some time ago since I wrote something about Imari Kiyoa "Kiyotama", my first Akiba-kei Idol, but today and yesterday I've seeing a lot of clips in YouTube about her and her street concerts, and I just became nostalgic a bit. :P

It was on December 2006 when we met for the first time in Yodobashi Akiba Square. That time I was charmed with her beautifulness (utsukushisa 美しさ), her tenderness (kawaisa 可愛さ), her humility (kenkyo 謙虚) and her talent (seinou 才能). ^-^

Imari Kiyoa sings "Silent Night" ^-^

Imari Kiyoa's street concerts in Akihabara are the best. I always regret myself because when I was in Japan I didn't have a good digital camera and because I couldn't film more about Kiyotama's street concerts. :P

Imari Kiyoa sings "Hare Hare Yukai" ^-^

Anyway, I'm not the only Kiyotama's fan in the world, and some Japanese followers have been uploading different videos about Kiyotama's training, concerts and events. Every time I see them, I really feel happy. ^-^

"Happy Material" ^-^

"Shinobu Sanjou!" + "Scramble" + "Happy Material" + "Koiseyo Onnanoko" ^-^

"Hikari" + "Sentimental Generation" + "Hare Hare Yukai" ^-^

"Moonlight Densetsu" + "Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi" + "Cat's Eye" ^-^

As you can notice, Imari Kiyoa's anime medleys appeal to anime otaku and people that love anime songs. But Kiyotama have several original singles and a very beautiful album titled "MICO ROCK". ^-^

"MICO ROCK" @ Amazon Japan

When I bought this album in Amazon Japan, I wrote a review about it and for the first time, I added the album's tracklist in Japanese language. ^-^

Imari Kiyoa's original song "Miko Rock" ^-^

This clip was taken outside the JR Akihabara station's exit. Kiyotama is wearing a bunny's plush overall because she always presents herself as the voice actress who is "The Peach Princess of the Bunnies" (Usagi-kei Peach Hime Seiyuu うさぎ系ピーチ姫声優). ^-^

Imari Kiyoa, as most of the Idols in Japan, don't use the word "Idol" for introducing herself. She is an Idol, of course, but she never use that word for address herself. That is a really bad manner. ;)

Imari Kiyoa sings "Romantic Ukare Modo" ^o^

Imari Kiyoa's followers address her as "Kiyo-san", "Kiyo-tan", "Kiyo-tama" or a mix of those names, as the chorus of "Romantic Ukare Modo" prove it:

Mainichi mikakeru ano hito ni
koishiteta "Say! I-ma-ri Kiyoa!" ^o^
fudan wa nakama to hashaideru
medatsu hito "Say! I-ma-ri Kiyoa!" ^o^

jitensha okiba no mae "Kiyoa! Hey! / Kiyoa! Hey!" ^o^
yudan shite itara "Kiyoa! Hey! / Kiyoa! Hey!" ^o^
kyuu ni kare ga keitai bangou "Kiyoa! Hey! / Kiyoa! Hey!" ^o^
MEMO ni shitekureta "Kiyoa! Hey! / Kiyoa! Hey!" ^o^

"Kiyotama, Kiyotama, oshioki kibounu!" ^o^

Besides wotagei, Imari Kiyoa loves to do do cosplay and, in fact, she's a professional cosplayer member of the cosplay unit "Mint Ranger" ミントレンジャー. ^-^

As a member of "Mint Ranger", Imari Kiyoa has been invited to hundreds of cosplay events and otaku conventions as Comiket or Anime Expo. And, her popularity has been growing up so fast that even foreigner cosplay fans had noticed her. ^-^

But Kiyotama is not only pretty. She´s a really good singer. Sometimes, she forgot her lyrics but her voice is beautiful anyway. ^-^u

The most important thing that Imari Kiyoa has as a voice actress and a Idol is her precious voice, and she please her followers with it in every concert. ^-^

Imari Kiyoa sings "Ano hi Kimi ni Yuuki wo". ^-^

For all this, and so much more, I love Imari Kiyoa. I'm really glad for met her in Akihabara the last year, and I'm so grateful with her followers, her wota and her production team for let me enjoy her as a "kimo-wota" usually does. ^-^

きよたまが大好きです!!! ^o^

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