Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wotagei in France: Asuka Inverse & Usagi No Namihey ^-^

In a couple of weeks, my friend Asuka Inverse and the Japanese Idol from Dear Stage Usagi No Namihey are going to perform a live concert in Paris, on 24th and 26th of June. ^^

Those are great news for France, Japan and the International Idol Otaku community, because this event will be the first time that a foreigner amateur Idol and a Japanese amateur Idol offer, together, a live concert outside Japan. ^^

You can remember Usagi No Namihey from her street concerts in Tokyo, and the wotgaei that she showed to her fans in Akihabara. ^^

But, in the last months, she also had an international projection thanks to her participation in Japan Expo 2010. ^^

But something that I really appreciate from Usagi No Namihey is "her wota side": even if she has became an mainstream Idol, she has not forget to encourage wotagei in her concerts. ^^

My friend Asuka Inverse has chosen a really great Akiba-kei Idol for promote wotagei in France. I hope this event could improve the quality of the international wota community. ^^

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