Monday, July 18, 2011

Spanish wota promote wotagei and Idol culture ^o^

My Spanish friends Bunny Kaisui and Bdash had uploaded a video where they explain how to do wotagei steps. ^^

Also, their organized a showcase where they interpreted some Idols' songs for the benefit of the audience. My favorite, of course, were "The IDOLM@STER" and "Doki! Kou ni no ga Koi nano?" from Canary Club. ^^

Bunny-chan showed something that all the "Mexican Idols" had forgotten: how to sing and dance well but enjoying the performance. ^^

Next to them, was Ruki-chan singing her own theme songs written by Momoi Haruko. ^-^

Any of the will sing "Romantic ukare Mode"? I hope so! ^o^


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A said...

It's nice to see wotagei being spread to places outside of Japan. It seems outside of Japan that the only types of otaku that are known are anime and manga otaku. Wota and other types are ignored.

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