Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Idols play an indispensable role in discussion of Japan's latest trends": ANA

Idols are cool, of course. They are young, energetic and beautiful. But also, since AKB48's irruption in the Japanese political world, they became "indispensable" in the Japanese discourse about what is "cool" in Japan and what is "cool" around the world.

AKB48 first live performance at MTV Channel :D

In the past two decades, Idols were less than "female media amusers", as the chase of Onyanko Club has proved. But, thanks to the exhaustive effort of Morning Musume and other Hello! Project groups, Idols became "female personalities" that earned more respect than their predecessors.

AKB48 members dance and sing Mini Moni's "Mini Moni Jankenpyon" :P

Akimoto Yasushi knows this precedent very well. That's why, despite the triumphs of AKB48 in the Oricon ranking, has allowed to their pupils to perform several Hello! Project's songs.

AKB48 members dance and sing S/mileage's "OO Ganbaranakutemo ee nende!!" :P

Whitout Morning Musume and other Hello! Project's groups, AKB48 members had never gained the status that now they had. Between AKB48 and Onyanko Club there were the girls of Checkicco チェキッ娘 (1998-1999), but those girls were not so famous and glamorous than their predecessors. That's something that we must never forget.


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