Sunday, April 20, 2008

Koneko Neko and the Mexican otaku culture ^-^

Yesterday, I assisted to the second concert of Koneko☆Neko, a Mexican cosplay unit that sing Hello! Project's songs and anime songs in Japanese language. The occasion for this concert was the opening of Atenas Plaza, a new computer goods and anime bazaar in Mexico city.

As I reported in Spanish, Koneko☆Neko has refused to use the term "Idol", exactly as Nubia Mashushe does. They sing just for the joy of singing Japanese music and the joy of seeing a smile in the face of all the wota who support them. ^-^

"Massara Blue Jeans". Koneko☆Neko. It was a pity that the videos from the debut of Koneko☆Neko were deleted because Yumeki Entertainment Agency's complaints, but anyway, they have showed to the Mexican otaku community that they can do an excellent interpretation of some difficult songs as "Massara Blue Jeans" (from ºC-ute) or "Popotan Hatake de Tsukamate" (from Haruko Momoi). ^-^ In their second concert, they were the guest of a karaoke and cosplay event organized by Japan Xcess, The Cosplay Elements and Ñoño Team Mexico, some of the stronger otaku culture related organizations in Mexico. Members from those organization gather at Pikaflash, a place were the discuss their otaku activities and advertise them to other otaku. :P This is the cultural background behind Koneko☆Neko. They sing for the most experienced otaku from Mexico and also for the most famous wota abroad: the members from Hello! Project Fanclub Mexico. :P With the beginning of the "Idol revolution", what will be the future of this cosplay unit? Only their production management knows, but anyway, I'll keep supporting Koneko☆Neko members even my own Idols get angry. :P As Idol producer, I'll give just one recommendation: Koneko☆Neko members have a good vocal condition, but they need to improve their physical condition and their breathing system. Sometimes the girls lost their breath because the wota were so close to them doing wotagei and because the irregular ventilation at Athenas Plaza. Some of them must do some exercise or take some psychical training. Running could improve their lungs and also help them to burn some calories. ;)

Anyway, good work! I hope to see you at the next TNT Expo. ;)

Greetings for everyone. ^-^

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