Sunday, March 23, 2008

Haruko Momoi @ 14th Honolulu Festival

Day 1. March 15th, 2008.

Haruko Momoi sings "Gura Gura", "Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie", "Ton Dol Baby", "Ai no Medicine", "Kujibiki Unbalance", "Romantic Summer" and "LOVE.EXE". ^-^

That's really a great concert but the concert hall looks pretty empty and the people who do wotagei just cover one side of the main scenery. :P

If you compare with the rest of the audience, the fans who do wotagei are few, but they never stop jumping and waving their glow-sticks for cheer up Haruko. ^-^

Also, there were the old and experienced Japanese Momoist who did wotagei in an aisle from the concert hall.

Most of the people who see this first concert are pretty impressed because the Momoists' wotagei, but also, because Haruko's beautifulness. Even the little girl who was there. ^-^

That was a really Idol experience after all, even for some Haruko Momoi's kimo-wota. ^-^u

Day 2. March 16th, 2008.

At the end of her second concert, Haruko Momoi invites her fans to climb the scenery and do wotagei as her backdancers. ^-^

Momoists and American fans do wotagei energetically, with passion and in an impressive sense of coordination. In other words, they do wotagei just marvelous. ^-^

Anyway, just for the record, and because this clip could be the beginning of the wotagei explosion in the United States, THAT WAS AN IDEA FROM HARUKO MOMOI not from any American fan. :P

Hello! Wota has stated in several occasions that "Americans are not wota", but thanks the unconditional love from Haruko Momoi, a semi-empty Hawaiian expo became the best wotagei concert made in United States by American citizens until this day. ^-^

I just could say thanks to all the American Momoist who have been the first wota who promoted wotagei in the United States. ^-^

Nobody of those "Hello! Project wota" who write blogs and shares piracy through Internet have had an idea like this until now. And, considering the fact that Morning Musume has been released concerts in Hawaii several times ago, this situation, for them, just could be ridiculous. :P

モモイストのみんなさん、乙かれさまです! ^-^

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