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Nubia Mashushe として「アイドル」 ^-^

Nubia Mashushe is a 18 years old Mexican girl who is the most pinku Hello! Project's fan abroad. She started her career in the Idol world as a presenter for her own radio program, broadcasted through Yumeki Radio. Now, she's a member of Hoshi☆Girls project and the first North Mexico's Idol girl. ^-^

Hello! Wota interviewed her on November 2007, and since then, I have been addressing her as a real Idol. ^-^

I did wotagei for her in the middle of one of her radio shows, when she broadcasted a "Shiroi Tokyo" karaoke track sung by herself. ^-^

I confessed my otaku love for her in a clip in which I sung the nostalgic and romantic song "Wine red kokoro", original from the Japanese band Anzen Chitai. ^-^

This clip is the "kimo-wota" version because I was so drunk at that time that I couldn't remember the time when Soraths filmed this video whit his cellphone's camera. :P

At the end of this clip, I say the next words in Japanese language:


Hontouni kokoro kara, aishiteru Nubi-chan, nee. Watashi no negai wa Nubi-chan wo Idol ni natte hoshii to omouimasu. Nubi-chan no yume attara, watashi no ureshisa wo atsume... Onegaishimasu.

That translated to English language stats:

I really love you from the bottom of my heart, Nubi-chan. My wish is that Nubi-chan wants to become an Idol. If Nubi-chan finds her dream, I'll become more happy. I request it.

A couple of days later, Nubia Mashushe saw this video and said to me that she really wanted to become and Idol but her living style and her academic duties didn't let her take an Idol training as the girls from Yumeki♥Angels do.

Because of that, I proposed to Nubia to become her Idol producer and work with her through Internet focused in her vocalization and the transmission of the songs' images. Fortunately, she agreed. ^-^

Starting February 2008, Nubia and I started working in those assignments, looking forward to her debut in the Etsukosplay 2008, Tampico, Tamaulipas' anime related convention.

The long-distance Idol training process was hard for both of us. We couldn't face each other in the moments we discuss some vocal tones or some lyrics' images, but we were really satisfied because Nubia's vocal abilities were improved step by step. ^-^

On February 23th, El Universal newspaper's website published in its main page a Nubia Mashushe's photograph illustrating an article about Yumeki♥Angels. :P

I was so happy at that time, that I recorded a video comment in Japanese language about this success, and I reassert that my favorite Mexican Idol is Nubia Mashushe. ^-^

The most interesting thing about this episode was that Nubia Mashushe was not an Idol at the time of the insertion of her photograph in El Universal newspaper's webpage, but anyway, for the webpage's editors, she look more beautiful, honest and pure ("Utsukushiku, Tadashiku, Kiyoku") than the Yumeki♥Angels' girls did. :P

Of course, Nubia always has rejected to be an Idol or to be better than Yumeki♥Angels. In fact, that only idea annoys her so much. :P

I love her not only because her physical and emotional beauty, but because her tastes as an Idol's fan and her unselfish support to Yumeki♥Angels. ^-^

Anyway, I'm not the only one wota who believes that Nubia is a real Idol. Even Japanese wota have realized her beautifulness and talent, and they have written about her in Japanese. ^-^

She was addressed as "Mexico's number one Idol" (メヒコのナンバーワンアイドル) and her fans wrote the next comment:


Cho, oma, cho, kyawa janen? Kyawa da yo ne?
Kyawa tsuka ero-tte kanji mo suru kedo mo, kore wa muchuu da na, muchuu ni nacchau na, umu.

That translated to English language stats:

Super excellent, is she cute, isn't she? She's so cute, isn't she?
She is cute but she makes me feel aroused too, but that is only in my dreams, that happens only in my dreams, um.

Ha, ha. ^-^u

Nubia Mashushe's debut as an Idol will be come true on April 13th, in "Etsukosplay 2008" anime convention, in Tampico, Tamaulipas. For further information, you can check Hoshi☆Girls' official webpage or directly, the Nubia Mashushe's Idol blog. ^-^

Ganbare, Nubi-chan!!! ^o^

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