Sunday, June 20, 2010

Risako sings with emotion again ^-^

Lately, I discovered the Up-Front Group Official Youtube Channel, and with it, several clips and videos that promote Berryz Kobo's latest events and concerts.

One of them, the Hello! Project ANNEX presented by Berryz Kobo, impressed me because its quality: since "Berikore!" concert tour on 2008, I never saw the girls singing with that concentration, with that feeling, with that emotion that leaves you to drop some tears. -__-

Specially, Sugaya Risako. And specially her interpretation of "Suna wo kamu youni... NAMIDA", original from Matsuura Aya. -__-

I love that song because the honesty in which is described the bereavement in its lyrics:

Hayasugita koi deshita
[Our love] was a love that went too fast,
kizutsuke atte bakkari de
and only hurt us.
涙は雨の様に 激しく止まない
Namida wa ame no you ni hageshiku yamanai
My tears are violent, like the rain, and don't stop.
あの日が手の平から遠く離れ 気付きました
Ano hi ga te no hira kara tooku hanare kizukimashita
I realized that, that day, you were far away from my grasp.

Another sad and beautiful song that touched Kurisu's heart. ^^u


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AiChan said...

Realmente Berryz Koubo es uno de los mejorísimos grupos del Hello! Project actual (en mi opinión mucho mejor que s/mileage y c-ute).

Especialmente Risako-san, es una idol a la que le debo gran respeto, admiración y cariño por su enorme talento, sus ganas de transmitir a su público y su inigualable belleza ^-^ (es de mis favoritas por todo eso, una idol en su totalidad)

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