Friday, May 15, 2015

【ヲタ自慢】 メキシコにC-uteコンサートVIPチケット売り場ファンキャンプ :D

Tonight, in Mexico city, Hello! Project fans had started a fan-camping outside Ninshi Academy the place where, on Saturday 16th, will be the sale of VIP tickets for the C-ute concert "Cutie Circuit ~¡Vamos a México!~".

Even the sale of the VIP tickets will start on Saturday 16th, many Hello! Project fans couldn't handle the stress of waiting for that day, and just jumped out to the streets, forward to Ninshi Academy, to make a two nights row, sleeping in the sidewalk, under the rain and the cold climate.

The first person in row were Sakurany, a fan-Idol from Mexico city, that had covered in numerous occasions several Hello! Project songs. Next to her, was Fabián Tsugunaga, a Hello! Project fan and wotagei master from Mexico city. Other fans are Ivette Garcia, leader of Puni Puni Club group, next to Dany and Shey, Puni Puni Club members.

Since, I was a Hello! Project fan some time ago, I'm proud that another Mexican fans gather and share the passion of the Idol culture. C-ute concert will be the best Idol concert celebrated until these days in Mexico. I'm sorry for the rest of the Latin America countries' fans that will not be able to catch a VIP ticket and have a handshake with C-ute members on September 19th.

Thanks to Takamasa Sakurai for this dream come true!

Thanks to all Japanese wota!


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