Monday, September 03, 2012

つんくはおニャン子クラブファンだった Tsunku was an Onyanko Club fan :3

On october of 1996, Tsunku (who was at that time the vocalist of SharanQ) revealed in one of the first emissions of UTABAN うたばん that, when he was younger, he was an Onyanko Club fan.

One of his favorite Onyanko Club members was Shiraishi Mako 白石麻子.

But, his favorite girl was Agatsuma Kayo 我妻佳代 who was his ideal woman to marry with.

"Private wa Dangerous" (1987). Agatsuma Kayo.

When I see Agatsuma Kayo, I could imagine why Tsunku really love that girl: tiny, short, not so beauty but cheerful... That was the kind of Idol Tsunku produces until these days.

"Hitosashi yubi Wiper" (1988). Agatsuma Kayo.

Even some Agatsuma Kayo's outfits resemble to me S/mileage's apparels.

"Merry Funky Night" (1988). Agatsuma Kayo.

As Hello! Project producer, Tsunku learned how to imitate Onyanko Club's styles and formats, but unlike Akimoto Yasushi, he created a new music style so different from the 1980s' soloists and groups.


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