Sunday, November 14, 2010

Japanese TV promote wotagei and Idols ^-^

The first apparition of "Romantic Ukare Modo" wotagei in Japanese TV. ^-^

The first apparition of Berryz Kobo's wota. ^-^

AKB48's members do wotagei for the first time in TV. ^-^

Nowadays, is amazing to see how the Japanese TV has adopted the politics of broadcasting TOGETHER Idols and wotagei. This could be obvious for some people that don't remember how difficult was that the Japanese media notice wotagei and Idol otaku culture. But now, wotagei is something that everybody can do in TV without the fear of be labeled as a "maniac". -__-

Of course, this change in the politics of the Japanese media broadcasting was the result of the active participation of Idol otaku, specially, in the Akihabara scene. And, of course, thanks to the male and female Idols that have been promoting wotagei between their fans. ^^

In March of 2007, when I wrote my first paper about wotagei, I never would have thought that wotagei would become this famous. :P

Anyway, couple of years later, wotagei has become famous between Idol music fans and followers around the world, but not between the rest of the global otaku community. This is a very important aspect to remark.

For long time ago, Hello! Wota has stated that wotagei teaching, diffusion and promotion are a moral duty for all the Idol otaku, because, in this way, more people will understand wotagei and its practice. That's why we encourage all of you to do wotagei with pasion and freedom. ^-^


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